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Yoga Potion Baby… Poet is now 6 months old

“Get the issues out of yours & baby’s tissues”

Poet, here at 6 months, is learning a healthy stretching routine with Mom.  Our Strain & Sprains massage oil is a wonderful massage oil for any body – for babies simply use  half the normal amount, rub into your hands first then to baby.

Strains & Sprains is a sumptuous balm for growing bodies – from the skin through to the bones and everything in between.

Here’s a great tip – Mix 2 cups of Epsom salts with just a cap full of Stains & Sprains (best mixed in a glass bowl with a metal spoon), and then mixed in when you pour your bath – a soothing, relaxing bath – The Epsom salts will help with your hydration and the oils in the Strain & Sprains will soften and relax you completely with a lovely soothing and revitalizing fragrance.

After your work-out, or after the weekend chores – simply rub in and feel the oils doing the work!  This blend is a welcome relief for those with arthritis …As a spot treatment, as a body rub, or in your bath, Strain & Strains is a Potion that we all should have on hand.

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