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Tips on Essential Oil Blends… & Diffusing

I love diffusing essential oils in my home, and car – every day…

Diffusing essential oil blends is a great way to appreciate the bountiful fragrance of Nature, to freshen & clean your personal environment naturally – disinfect, deodorize and heal at the same time.

Personally I love teaching people how to diffuse their blends, how to get the most from their oils – To begin, almost before starting, we need a little forethought:  Essential Oils are literally the essence of the flower, plant, or root – and that means they are strong, very intense  a little will not only go a long way, but a lot can be offensive.  To get the most from your oils, Blends, rather than Single Notes (Click for video Tip), mixed proportionately will give you the best results.  Hence, when we diffuse oils it will always be preferable to diffuse blends rather than single notes; and when deciding what to diffuse it is important to keep in mind the purpose for diffusing – To enjoy the fragrance, to derive specific therapeutic effects, or simply to effectively clean a space naturally.

For example Eucalyptus is a well known oil for steam rooms & saunas.  It is common knowledge that this is a wonderful oil for aiding respiration and clearing the air with a refreshing fragrance – But to diffuse Eucalyptus on its own, the fragrance becomes overpowering and is not so pleasant, it can even be counterproductive.  Instead, our Breathe Easy Potion is a precise blend of Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, & Cajeput – and it is in this blending that the potential of the essential oils is readily brought out and it is this that lets you get the most from your essential oils.

The analogy to liquor is apt: 2 oz of gin is one thing, but blended with other another liquor or juice, and the full flavour can be appreciated and enjoyed – on its own, perhaps not so much.

Wherever we are, whether we realize it or not, we are directly effected by the smell of our environment, be that our of home, office or even our car – Those smells may be favorable fragrances or offensive odours; they may be indicative of the need for some cleaning; or you may just want to shift your disposition, to uplift your spirits, or calm and relax your mood …The really good part? – We can control all of that, Naturally!

Hand diffusing

The simplest method to diffuse your Blends will be hand diffusing – Drop a drop or two of your chosen Potion Blend onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and inhaling the aroma.

Hand Diffusing is a great, direct method for aiding respiration, alleviating nausea and anxiety, and for effective hand sanitation.

Electric Home/Car Diffusing

With an electric diffuser, designed for home/office or specifically for your car, you can not only clean the area naturally, leaving a pleasant fragrance, you can improve your health and alter your mood.

For example, with any respiratory concern, a few drops of Breathe Easy Potion into your aroma dot home diffuser will diffuse the blend through the general area (naturally open spaces will allow for wider diffusion, and closed spaces will intensify the Potion.)

Maintaining Your Electric Diffuser is Simple & Easy…

Cleaning the exterior surfaces of your diffuser is as simple as a wipe with a damp cloth.

With the diffusion of oils, over time a residue may build-up in the reservoir where the essential oil is dropped – a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or swag should easily remove such residue.

As with any diffuser/vaporizer where water is being condensed and vaporized, over time there will be a build-up of calcium within the unit – Simply run diluted vinegar through for 30-45min.

These simple maintenance Tips should allow your diffuser to run for a long time.

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