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Tips on Essential Oil Blends… & Pets

Protect your furry friends from ticks & flees naturally!

As the days grow longer, and as the warm spring winds and showers come – Spring is here!

These days our furry friends are anxious to get out and play in the fresh melted soil, to sniff all the fresh scents & aromas – and we know that the not so welcome critters are coming too.

Protect your canine friends from ticks & flees with Yoga Potion’s Shoo-be-Gone Potion …

  • Gently rub one drop onto your hands
  • Rub your hands, again gently – to spread the Potion
  • Rub gently all over your dogs coat, hind quarters& legs, chest, back & tail

Shoo-Be-Gone is a great repellant for your dog, and is also a great Potion to have on hand in barns, coups, and anywhere that pests are an issue.

Shoo-be gone, natural bug repellant, essential oil anti venom, natural mosquito bite aid

Our 10 year old puppy, Mia, now associates Shoo-Be-Gone Potion with running and playing in the fresh spring fields and in the long grasses of Summer; she gets excited with just the slightest whiff of the zesty fragrance, knowing that running and playing are coming – and we know she’s protected.

This Potion can be used as a repellent – Applied Directly or Diffused

Drop a drop of this Potion into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and rub then onto your clothing, hair & skin.

Used in a room diffuser, at the cabin & on the patio, this Potion will help to keep the unwanted little guys away.  The zesty fragrance is effective as a repellant, and welcoming as cologne!

Shoo-Be-Gone is an effective Anti-Venom

Apply just a drop of this anti-venom Potion to any bite – there’s no need to rub this Potion in, just dab onto the bite.  The anti-venom qualities of this blend have shown wonderful results eliminating itchy skin and swelling. Use hourly on all pest bites. As with any snake or spider bite, please consult your physician.