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Clary Sage & Chill Potion

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite oils, and one of my first oils – Clary Sage.

Clary Sage, or Salvia Sclarea, is likely the most relaxing and euphoric of all essential oils!

I was first gifted this oil back in 1997 as a single note (Video Tip #2), for personal healing purposes.  On first smelling it, on its own as a single note, I found it to be too musty for my liking – So, while being both grateful and interested in this gift, I really didn’t now what to do with it (lol), and I wasn’t exactly taken with its aroma, but it kept coming back to me, and I was somehow wanting it and not knowing what to do with it, or why it was so appealing in such a convoluted way!…

Once I began my formal study of essential oils and blending, I learned why I felt that strange drawing toward and intuitive need to simply have this oil …

…Clary Sage is likely the most deeply relaxing, while  almost euphoric, essential oil that we use in our blends.  Insomnia, depression (especially post-natal), fatigue, even paranoia and migraine headaches slip away with Clary sage!  When you are working through the cravings of addiction, the calming effect of Clary sage eases the stress.  Long touted in folk medicine for its powerful hormonal and emotional balancing effects (especially for women, but for men too!); and often regarded as an inspiration to creativity – Artists are drawn to Clary sage for just these balancing, calming but at the same time euphoric effects – for anything from writer’s block to wanting a freshening of the energy, Clary sage will help …and… because of that deep, musky fragrance, that is generally appealing to both men & women, explains why it is present in so many perfumes for both.

I wanted all these benefits – and I needed all these benefits!  Clary sage, as a single note, had been gifted to me, but I didn’t know how to get the most of the healing properties that I intuitively knew where there, even though I wasn’t particularly taken with the fragrance — & I was (and continue to be) drawn to this oil.  My concern became how to incorporate this oil into my daily life, to get these benefits…

Today – in our Diffused Line – I have created our Chill Potion – First it was for myself, so that I could enjoy the health benefits of Clary sage, daily (despite not really being drawn to the fragrance); and it has quickly become a very popular blend.  It is so easy to share with all the people around me, from friends and family to my Yoga students – whenever I hear any of the women in my Yoga classes complain of monthly cycles or hot flashes, I reach for my sample Spray or Diffused blend – Because the benefits of Clary sage are so vary profound, and this is a Blended Potion, the effects are immediately felt! – Remember: blending will bring out the best not only of Clary sage, but of the other ingrediants too – essential oils of Tangerine, Lavender, Rose & Geranium.

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Chill Body Diffused – Balancing – 7ml

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Chill Body Spray – Balancing – 120ml

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