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Finding Your Balance With Yoga Potion

Oh! The winter blues…  It happens to all of us, in greater or lesser degrees – Our natural exuberance, our joie de vivre becomes challenged especially for us living in the northern hemisphere with the shorter daylight periods and longer, colder nights …Personally, I have found two great avenues to address this concern – Yoga Asana & Essential Oil Blends (Potions) …

It has been my experience that a regular personal Yoga practice – a practice that asks you to focus for longer periods of time, one that gives you a wonderful stretch from head to toe, from inside out – will help to keep you happy any time of year. During those darker seasonal periods, or in those times in life that are a little darker, I would suggest that you add the regular use of high quality essential oil blends (our Potions), in your daily activities (and Yoga practice), to bring a synergistic kind of magical healing, in just a sniff, to your world and somehow life will become more enjoyable in the immediate moment.
During the winter season, I like to keep my Citrus Oils close to hand.  With regular use, especially during periods of low energy, you too will find that making these Potions a part of your  daily routine will up lift your spirits and give you a feeling of joy.  The up lifting effect of the citrus oils is like sitting in pure sunshine, and according to science has the same effect on our brain!

That’s why we call Sunshine In A Bottle the

Up Lifting Potion

Our Sunshine In A Bottle Potion has 7 citrus oils with a kiss of cardamon… It is offered in 60 ml Personal Atomizer (Spray), 7 ml Diffused Potion or in the NEW 10 ml Roller.  Like the song says,“Spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy face.”

We have had such wonderful response to the Roller application (like our Headache & Sleep Aid Potions), that we have added Sunshine In A Bottle, Breathe Easy & Strains & Sprains Potions to the Roller Line, AND they are

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