Essential Oil Blend Gifting Made Easy!

Gift Giving Made Easy!

Over the years that I have been vending, and especially during the Christmas Season, I have noticed people either approach the collection of Potions with something specific in mind, or they are at a complete loss – not knowing what the person may like, scent wise. When people are at a loss they often ask for my ‘suggestions’…

Not having the nose of the recipient present definitely poses a challenge. Some decide to take a chance and select a specific potion for a specific benefit – understanding that the therapeutic benefit will outweigh the fragrance; some decide on a more ‘popular’ Potion; some on what they find appealing. Please understand, and I will not mislead you, this is a bit of a gamble – choosing a fragrance for another is always difficult, as fragrance is very personal.
To make gifting Yoga Potion Essential Oil Blends as easy as possible, and because our Potions are so incredibly vibrant in quality and effectiveness, that are confidant enough to allow your purchase to be returned for exchange.

Check Out Our NEW ADDITIONS To Our Roller Potions…

Take a look at the NEW ADDITIONS to Yoga Potion’s Roller Collection... We are now offering Sunshine in a Bottle, Breathe Easy and Strain & Sprains in convenient Rollers for easy application and convenient daily usage – Rollers are wonderful! They can be carried with you in your bag and purse for convenient use where ever you are!.

Don’t Forget To Gift Yourself…

We suggest you give yourself the gift of essential oils and we are offering  you 20% off our entire collection until the end of December. 

When Checking Out Use Coupon Code:   merry christmas

Perhaps start with one of our new additions to the Roller Collection, or perhaps with a trusted favourite  –  share these with your friends and family’s and observe who likes what, and you know what to gift them.
Enjoy the relaxing and balancing effects of Yoga Potion’s Unique Blends this holiday season, for you and all of the friends on your essential oil gift list, for any occasion.
Personally, I was gifted my first essential oil 20 years ago. It was life changing. I highly recommend it.